Self-Management Programs

Cancer Thriving and Surviving

The Cancer Thriving and Surviving Program is an evidence-based program that was developed by Stanford University School of Medicine.  Learn how to set personal goals and develop the skills you need to overcome barriers and successfully manage your health.

The program will not conflict with existing Programs or treatment; it is designed to enhance regular treatment.

Positive Self Management Program

Positive Self-Management Program – HIV (PSMP) is 2½ hour workshops held once a week for six weeks. Workshops are held in locations throughout the community and facilitated by two trained leaders.

PSMP workshops are highly interactive. Mutual support and success will build the confidence you need to manage your health and maintain an active and fulfilling life.

Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP)

If you are an adult with a chronic condition such as diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, chronic pain or anxiety, or if you are a caregiver for someone suffering from chronic disease, this workshop can help you.

Diabetes Self-Management Program (DSMP)

Diabetes Self-Management Program will teach you the skills you need to take control of your life. You will learn techniques to deal with symptoms of diabetes, fatigue, pain, hyper/hypoglycemia, stress and emotional problems such as depression, anger, fear and frustration.

Tomando Control de su Salud

Si usted es un adulto con una condición crónica como diabetes, artritis, hipertensión, enfermedad cardiaca, dolor crónico o ansiedad, este taller Tomando Control de Su Salud puede ayudarle a tomar control de su vida.

Manejo Personal de la Diabetes

Creemos que la educación y el apoyo le ayudaran a tomar el control de su diabetes.  Nuestro programa de autocontrol de las diabetes le ensenara las habilidades que necesita para tomar el control de su vida.