About NV Healthy Living

Learn more about our mission.

What is NV Healthy Living?

Nevada Healthy Living is the Nevada Quality Technical Assistance Center. Our mission is to advance evidence-based programs for Nevada communities through structured communication, multi-level coordination and training leaders. Nevada Healthy Living is committed to developing partnerships with like-minded organizations to contribute to the overall well-being of individuals, communities, and Nevada.

What is the QTAC?

The Nevada Quality and Technical Assistance Center (QTAC) is coordinated by Dignity Health – St. Rose Dominican hospitals. QTAC seeks to facilitate and establish a statewide system for evidence-based models of chronic disease and diabetes self-management. QTAC exists to facilitate the establishment of the infrastructure and referral systems for these programs, as well as support the ongoing capacity for the delivery of self-management programs in Nevada.

Reduce Disparities

QTAC seeks to reduce health disparities by providing equal access to health care education, decreasing the risk of developing comorbid conditions and reducing the social detriments and barriers that exist.  Through outreach and education initiatives, we come together to increase the health of our state and bridge the gap for those in need of health care, disease management and prevention services. 

Promote Well-being

QTAC seeks to enhance the quality of life of those who suffer from chronic conditions through education.  Our evidence based programs view wellness as not simply the absence of a disease; rather as a state of physical, mental, social, environmental and emotional wellbeing and the impact each has upon the other.   We measure the progress our programs have made in the lives of participants by monitoring self-reported as well controlled measures. 

Community-clinical linkages

QTAC collaborates with health care providers, community organizations, state and public health agencies to work toward a common goal to promote healthy behavior, provide access to additional health care and outreach services, increase the health of our state, and reduce barriers that limit access to health care.